Useful Links

Here are some of the wonderful people and groups out there. Some relate to experimental archaeology and others are great resources.

Web Help

This site wouldn’t exist without the patient help and technical expertise of Ciaran Benson. If you need a web guru, look for him at

General Resources

Archaeological Data Service (ADS) A thoroughly useful site. It has a search function that allows keyword searches for archaeological sites and objects. It is also a repository for grey literature (unpublished, privately, or locally published archaeological site reports) in addition to hosting regional archaeological journals and archives.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme has a searchable database of finds throughout England. It also has useful articles on typology and information about conservation and laws regarding finds and treasure in Britain.

Need archaeological supplies? remember when doing experiments, it’s important to record as much as possible. Archaeology Trowels and Tools has almost everything you need from photographic scales to weatherproof notepads and permenent ink pens to keep track of all the details.

Experimental Archaeology

Ancient Malt and Ale is a site devoted to recreating ancient beers and ales. I’ve had some of Merryn Dineley’s brews and can truly appreciate her work in experimental archaeology. If you want to know more about brewing in antiquity this is a great site to check out. There’s a Facebook Group, too: Ancient Ale & Beer: recipes, techniques and traditions

EXARC is dedicated to all fields of experimental archaeology. They host annual conferences and a peer reviewed journal, in addition to providing a network to promote open air museums. The journal is available online, and there is a lively Facebook group.

Umha Aois a group of artists and archaeologists dedicated to rediscovering Bronze Age metalsmithing and casting techniques. Their website includes videos, articles about the projects they’ve done. They also have a Facebook page.

Fun Stuff

Looking for a place to spend an archaeological holiday? Or just wishful thinking about exotic sites? Check out Past Horizon’s Timeless Travels.

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