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  1. Hi – check my work with iron smelting

    I’m involved in an upcoming project at the Scottish Crannog Centre – demonstration / experiment with c 500 BC Celtic bloomery iron smelt.
    As part of my research into bellows systems, I intend to reference and link over to your site. (good stuff there!)
    Would like to use a name – if you send it, I will cite you.


    1. Thanks! I’m Giovanna Fregni. I’ve done a bit of iron smelting but really my heart belongs to non-ferrous metal. I’ve just got back from Germany where I was part of a bronze casting festival. There were plenty of different types of bellows and furnaces, including a self drafting one built by Martijn van Es, who designed it based on an article written by Bastian Asmus (“A natural draught furnace for bronze casting” In Mei and Rehren (eds) Metallurgy and Civilisation: Eurasia and beyond). That thing was wild and deserves more experimentation. I’m sure you could smelt iron with it. Just drying it out with wood, the furnace shot up to 800C, all without bellows.

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