I have done a lot of work other than experimental archaeology, including illustration (both in traditional media and electronic), fine arts, metalwork, and jewellery. I still am doing jewellery work, although I tend to use a charcoal fuelled furnace these days rather than a propane torch. I also still do graphic work in both traditional media and digital production.

I am available for commissions! Please feel free to contact me through this website, Facebook,  Twitter, Deviant Art, or Etsy.

Archaeological Illustration

As part of my PhD thesis I needed to draw different types of socketed bronze hammers. Here are a few that were done in pen and ink, as well as some drawings of axes and a watercolour sketch.


Staffordshire Hoard

Most recently I have done some drawings of the embossed foils of the Staffordshire Hoard in order to depict reconstructions of the assembled panels. I have included one of the digital reconstructions below. Unfortunately much of the work I did will not be available until the data is released publicly. In the meantime, some of the illustrations  and digital reconstructions I did for the Staffordshire Hoard are available here.

Digital reconstruction of embossed sheet metal fragments from the Staffordshire Hoard. This was reconstructed from photos of multiple sets of fragments taken with a digital microscope. The individual photos of the fragments were then overlaid and stitched together to create a composite photo. The result is a more complete visualisation of the entire panel. The entire article with details of the process and more photos is available at http://www.barbicanra.co.uk/assets/sh-newsletter-8-june-2015.pdf.







Book covers and illustrations

Much of my commercial work has been for the science fiction, fantasy, and role-playing game market. I’ve also done a number of wildlife illustrations. These are created in a wide range of media including ink, watercolour, oil, and computer generated images using programs such as Paint Shop and PhotoShop.

Wildlife Art and Illustration

I primarily work in watercolour and pencil, but I also enjoy working with pastels.

Cartoons and Fantasy Art

Jewellery and Lapidary work



Just for Fun

Trowel Art!

A friend of mine asked me to engrave her trowel. She especially liked the Egyptian lion-headed goddess Sekhmet. She’s right-handed so the side with the hieroglyph will wear down more quickly than the side with the figure.


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