Archaeology Book Sale

I don’t normally sell through my website, but I’m clearing out some books and wanted to put them up for sale. All of them are in good shape unless otherwise noted. A lot of them are in almost new condition. All books are paperback unless otherwise noted.

I’ll offer the books individually and in small lots. If individual books sell, I’ll adjust the price of the lots. Of course if you are interested in other combinations of books, I’d be glad to put together a discounted package deal for them. Add up the price, take off 10% and then we can round down to the nearest dollar.

I can take payment through PayPal or money orders. The price of shipping will depend on the weight of the books.

I hope these give you as much pleasure as they have given me!

General Archaeology

Doing Historical Archaeology. Russell J. Barber 1994 $3

Historical Archaeology. Charles E. Orser, Jr. 1995 $5

Images of the Past. 1993 T. Douglas Price and Gary M. Feinman $5

The World of the Past Vol 2.  Jaquetta Hawkes $3

Archaeologia Vol 94 1951 $3

General Archaeology Package (all of the above) $15

Weapons and Military

The Book of the Sword. 1972 (originally published 1884) Richard F. Burton $10

The Indian Sword. P.S. Rawson 1969 $5

Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe (3 volumes, hardcover) John Hewitt 1978 $10

The Earliest European Helmets. 1971 Hugh Hencken American School of Prehistoric Research, Peabody Museum, Harvard University. $25

The Archaeology of Weapons. 1963 R. Ewart Oakshott $5

Arms and Armour in Spain, A Short Survey Vol 1: The Bronze Age to the High Middle Ages. 1972 Ada Bruhn de Hoffmeyer $10

Weapons of the Ancient World 1975 Rivka Gonen $10

Weapons and Military Package (all of the above) $70

Roman Britain

The Roman Jewellery from VindolandaFasciule V: Beads, Intaglios, Finger Rings, Bracelets and Ear-rings. 2002 Barbara Birley and Elizabeth Greene  $5

Vindolanda 2004. Robin Birley 2004 $3

Britain: Rome’s Most Northerly Province: A History of Roman Britain AD 43-450. G.M. Durant 1969 $5

What Solders Wore on Hadrian’s Wall. H.Russell Robinson 1976 $3

Scenes From Northumbrian History. William Bell Scott 1972 $3

Birdoswald Fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Peter Howard 1976 $3

Hadrian’s Wall Reconstructed. Ronald Embleton 1978 $3

Short Guide to the Roman Wall. T.H. Rowland 1973 $3

The Building of Hadrian’s Wall. Brian Dobson and David Breeze 1976 $3

The Army of Hadrian’s Wall. Brian Dobson and David Breeze 1972 $3

Roman Transport in the North of England. T.H. Rowland 1976 $3

The Romans on the Riviera and the Rhone: A Sketch of the Conquest of Liguria and the Roman Province. W.H. Hall 1898 (reprint) $5

Archaeologia Aeliana, Fifth Series Vols 6 and 7. 1978, 1979 $5 (for the set)

Roman Britain package (all of the above) $35

European Archaeology (General)

Ancient Northumberland. 2004 Clive Waddington and Dave Passmore $5

Discovering Northumberland. 1973 T.H. Rowlands (hardcover) $3

The Mute Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Italy. Paul MacKendrick 1983 $5

Ancient Europe: From the beginnings of agriculture to classical antiquity. 1965 Stuart Piggott (hardcover) $5

Atlas of the Roman World. 1982 Tim Cornell and John Matthews (oversize hardcover) $5

The Celtic World. 1979 Barry Cunliffe (oversized hardcover, a coffee table type book) $8

European package (all of the above) $25


Precolumbian Jade: New Geological and Cultural Interpretations. 1993 Fredrick W. Lange, ed. (Hardcover) $10