Selected Publications

While most of my publications focus on experimental archaeology, I have published various archaeological reports that have been included in larger works, and articles connected with work that I have done with museums.

Experimental Archaeology

Now We’re Cooking with Gas! How experimental archaeology challenges modern assumptions about metal recycling (2017) in EXARC Journal of Experimental Archaeology 2017/4.

Getting hammered: The use of experimental archaeology to interpret wear on Late Bronze Age hammers and modern replicas. (2016) EXARC Journal of Experimental Archaeology 2016/2.

The Compleat Metalsmith: Craft and technology in the British Bronze Age (2014) PhD Thesis

Of Tea Pot Stands and Perforated Slabs: A report on the comparison of experimental bronze casting furnaces with artefacts from SE England (2014) Umha Aois

Copper smelting at Umha Aois (2013) Cornish Mining World Heritage Site newsletter

Hammers of the Gods: The role of metalworking tools in the interpretation of hoards in Late Bronze Age Britain Me Tools: The Metalsmith and his Tools conference postprint (in Press)

Minimum Tools Required: A system for organising the metalsmith’s workshop Me Tools: The Metalsmith and his Tools conference postprint (in Press)

Archaeological Fieldwork

The Archaeology of Metalworking: Fieldworkers practical guide for BAJR (2014) British Archaeological Jobs and Resources, David Connelly, ed.

Archaeological Reports

Ashmolean Museum British Collection Highlights: The Isle of Harty Hoard from Kent (2013) Ashmolean Museum website 

A Study of the Manufacture of Copper Spearheads in the Old Copper Complex (2009) The Minnesota Archaeologist Vol. 68 

Industrial Waste and Associated Finds in The Excavation Of Ring-Ditches Two and Three at Poulton, Cheshire. 2010-2013 (3014) Kevin V.E. Cootes and Mike Emory, eds. Published by The Poulton Research Project

The Roseberry Topping Hoard and Rituals of Life and Death Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society (in Press)


The importance of multidisciplinary work within archaeological conservation projects: assembly of the Staffordshire Hoard die-impressed sheets. (2016)  Journal of the Institute of Conservation Volume 39, Issue 1. Coauthors: Jenni Butterworth, Kayleigh Fuller, Pieta Greaves

Technology as a tool for archaeological research and artifact conservation (2009) AIC Postprints (Co-authored with Gretchen Anderson)

The following are reports written for museums about the assemblages I studied for my thesis. These are available at the respective museums, but I will be glad to supply a PDF copy of any reports if you need a copy.

The Kilnhurst Hoard: A report on a Late Bronze Age Hoard in the Clifton Park Museum, Rotherham (2014) (unpublished museum report)

The West Kennet Long Barrow Hoard: A report on a Late Bronze Age Hoard for the Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes (2014) (unpublished museum report)

A Report on a Late Bronze Age Hoard found in Northampton (2014) (unpublished museum report)

The Donhead St. Mary’s Hoard: A report on a Late Bronze Age Hoard in the Salisbury Museum (2014) (unpublished museum report)

The Roseberry Topping Hoard: A report on a Late Bronze Age Hoard for Weston Park Museum, Sheffield (2014) (unpublished museum report)

A Report on Bronze Age metalsmithing tools in Winchester Museum (2014) (unpublished museum report)

A Report on metalsmithing tools and Late Bronze Age Hoards in the Colchester Museum (2014) (unpublished museum report)

Bronze Age Metalsmithing Tools in the collections of Norwich Castle Museum (2014) (unpublished museum report)

The Inshoch Wood Hoard (2012) A report to the Inverness Museum (unpublished museum report)


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