Workshops and Events

I believe that archaeology is for everyone, not just academics and professionals. Although I frequently speak at conferences, I also speak at schools, run workshops, and look for places where I can speak to people who normally wouldn’t get to experience bronze casting, or learn about the ancient history of their favourite craft.

I’ve spoken to groups of university students, and kids at grade schools, cast bronze with groups of differently-abled adults, and at-risk youth. Everyone is fascinated by the flames and the show, watching metal go from a solid to a liquid and to a solid again.

However these workshops are more than watching metal melt. They are accompanied by talks about how the air from the bellows can raise the temperature to 2000F/1100C, how different additives to a clay mix can help ceramics withstand high temperatures, and we can all speculate on how humans first discovered metal. It’s always a memorable adventure and exciting for everyone.

Below are links to some of the talks and workshops I’ve organised or participated in.

If you would like me to come to your school or event, please contact me. I will help organise the materials and provide additional lectures if you would like that as part of the program.

Previous Casting Workshops

Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois, USA

Bronze Casting Festival, Uelsen, Germany

Umha Aois, Ireland

Bronze Casting in Italy, Montale, Italy

Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Program

School Groups

Cyprus Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Academic conferences


14th Nordic Bronze Age Conference, Oslo, Norway


Metalworker and His Tools: Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland


9th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Dublin, Ireland

Archaeometallurgy in Europe IV, Madrid, Spain


Conference Review: 8th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Oxford, UK

Unusual Venues!

What better place to discuss the prehistory of textiles and news of experimental archaeology in fibre than at a yarn shop?

Steven Be Yarn Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA